I’m Rajkumar Sreenivasan

I’m passionate about building & designing delightful experiences for web, mobile and desktop application, Creativeness is my greatest strength. when i combine creativity and technology together, the magic happens!

The digital world is my sandbox and I’m always hungry to create innovative experiences. My long-term goal is to make technology easy to use and accessible for everyone, especially people wth disablities. The motivation that drives me daily is to work with people and brands that inspire me.

I born and raised in the capital city of TamilNadu called Chennai, Probably the well known UX designer in chennai, Since from childhood i am interested in Art, I studied my Multimedia from Arena Multimedia Kilpuak, and Did my diploma in FineArt.

So far…

  • I have created over some 200+ websites
  • 5 + Android mobile application design and UX research
  •  3 International Awards for under “Best Creative Design” Category
  •  20+ Years Expeirence in designing web, mobile and destop platforms