How to learn UX ?

There are several ways to learn UX and each one has its own plus and minus. It may not suit for everyone. First you should know the scope of UX and how best you can learn UX.

The Market Scope for UX (June 2022)

According to a US-INDIA magazine (SiliconIndia), a list of a few startups and upcoming giants in India that are aggressively investing in UI/UX to experience the best technology with a focus on the applications user interface and user experience design are as follows:

  • UNIQLO – (Plans to launch e-commerce in India)
  • YUJ Designs
  • Spread Design and Innovation pvt ltd
  • 17Seven

India as a country, has started to benefit from user experience and having a great customer journey. Retail giants like Shoppers Stop and Fabindia with a pan India footprint also have fully functional ecommerce set-ups. These huge brick and mortar stores have already set the precedent for all businesses big or small that in today’s age one cannot function without an online presence. And thus every individual business requires a UX designer to create and nurture their digital personality.

Chennai10 best UX UI Courses details

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4ICAT design and media college9500128555–
5UX Online | Ovi Design Academy9444074941–
6DOT School of
7AND Design
10Web D
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