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Preciso Technologies

Redesigned their website with usability in mind, Preciso Technologies is one of the fast-growing IT services companies in chennai. “ We build technology that solves your business problems Our team gives you the required tools to make an impact in the market with your business ”

Shopycart, e-commerce, chennai, ux designer, oviyas

Shopycart – Ecommerce Development

ShopyCart is an e-commerce consulting company in chennai, with a committed team of 10+. We have been developing cutting-edge eCommerce development for various medium & large enterprises across many verticals since 2010. ShopyCart aims to define, architect, and build technological solutions from an eCommerce perspective to provide the client with cost-effective and revenue-generating services …

Oviyas 3D Interface, Oviyas, Rajkumar, Ux design in chennai

Oviyas 3D Interface

Oviyas 3D interface is a unique design created for Myself (Rajkumar UX designer in Chennai) “Its one of its kind created to showcase the skill in 3D on web using webGl” One of my favorite website

playfiks, oviyas, ux designer, chennai

Playfiks a sports portals

A Landing page designed for playfiks, chennai. Created a unique styled layout design for playfiks sports portal. “From concepts to design” Did end to end usability / hueristic evaluation to the site and designed a user friendly website.